Finding the light {fredericksburg va newborn photographer}

The number one question that I get asked during sessions is about taking better pictures of your own children.


As professional photographers, we are trained to see the light, but any mom can take beautiful and memorable pictures at home. Here is a little practice assignment…


For some reason, the best light in most homes can be found in the kitchen and master bedroom. My desk is in my kitchen, so my little one spends a lot of time in his highchair hanging with his momma. He was so cute this morning playing, so I grabbed my camera. Here is a pullback… super messy. This week has been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS so my kitchen game is weak today. Haven’t done dishes or picked up toys. But that doesn’t matter!

eli blog 3.png

You want light to fall at an angle, typically. Angle your subject, in this case my super sweet little Eli guy, so the light falls across his face. Snap. This is taken with me standing in front of the door.

eli blog 7.png


the other option you have is to stand directly facing the subject, which gives more defined shadows, my personal preference.

eli blog 5.png

These images are directly from my camera, with no retouching. The final images are below after editing.

eli blog.pngeli blog 2.png

Now go take pictures of your own littles!

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