The weekly roll {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I have incorporated film into my maternity sessions for some time now, but recently challenged myself to shoot and process a roll of personal film per week. This photographer’s kids are often like the cobbler’s kids with no shoes. I love what I do, but sometimes the last thing that I want to do is pick up a camera when I am not working. Film is so special, though. Aside from the beautiful imagery, I find that it really sharpens my skills as a photographer. You have to get the shot, there is no preview or second chance, so you have to be confident in your ability. It is also wildly expensive, both to purchase and to process, so when every time you click the shutter is costing you around $3.50, you tend to create more meaningful and impactful moments. In a world of camera phone imagery, I find it so indulgent to create timeless art of my family’s week in the same manner that my grandfather did when I was young. And, like so many things in life, that is the biggest reason of them all for using film: it takes me back to a time when I was the child in the viewfinder and it was my grandfather’s hand on the shutter. My connection to the past, while preserving memories for the future.

So, I decided to share my favorites from the week’s roll here. This week has extras because they came from two rolls, one from the week before school, and one left sitting from spring.

The images of my kids picking strawberries are precious beyond words to me. The morning that they were taken my family made a big adoption decision. My husband was flying out of town that very day so it was a rapid discussion and a “yes” and the whole time the kids were picking I felt excited for what strawberry picking next year may look like. I am so happy to have that moment forever frozen! {along with all that delicious freezer jam.. .helllloooooo delicious}

The park images were the last weekend before school was back in session. We ran the kids downtown for coffee and treats and then to the park where my hubby and I used to take our coffee when we were first dating and talk until it was too cold to stay outside anymore. It’s a sacred spot for us, and so neat to take the kids there. I am sure that when we sat on those benches all of those years ago, we never imagined what the family would look like now. Check out how the little ginger-haired boy watches his brother’s every move… he just idolizes him. So sweet to watch.

See you again in a week!


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