the weekly roll

Some days are just what I call “macaroni days” and if you are a southerner, you know just what I mean. Baked mac and cheese can fix just about any ailment from broken hearts to menstrual cramps, and every family has their own recipe, as unique as their last name. It was the first real meal that I learned to make as a child and I love to make it with my kids, as well. I love, love kitchen time. Magic happens there. While you are assembling a recipe from a book or memory, children’s hearts open and spill out of their mouths. Last week you could find my second grader and I whipping this dish up and catching up on some much needed momma-daughter time.

web79690003 copy.png

Speaking of one on one time, I had the joy of a lunch date with this cookie monster and it was such a precious few moments stolen away from an otherwise busy week. I love watching the age of two happen. They are in their own little worlds, but mommy is the center, and it can be both wonderful and draining to be so, but sometimes you catch a glimpse of just how precious a time it is and it makes the draining feel more rewarding. Watching this guy dance to the music while we waited for his cookie made my heart about explode because I remember a time that we didn’t think we would ever get to have him. Now here he is, in all his golden haired naughtiness. So blessed!


My other favorites from the week’s film:


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