The weekly roll {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

We had five children in 9 years. When I think back to those years, I sort of don’t know how we managed it all, but I remember it as nothing but sweet. We hoped for more children, but after a long break, we finally started to accept that we were probably finished… a family of seven, and we know how blessed we were.

Just as I had begun to plan ahead for life with all five children in school, I started feeling a little “off.” Our fifth started school Sept 1, and on sept 2 we learned we were expecting… haha 🙂 So much for alone time! Most people know how this ends. Henry joined our family and we knew that we were starting all over. We decided to adopt two more little ones and just as we were in the thick of that process, the universe threw us another baby boy! It’s been raining blessings here for the last three years, and we are enjoying it so much. There is definitely a peace that comes from having been there, done that before.

Most of my clients have heard of Henry, our ginger baby. He is the two-est two year old that I have ever met, and we often wonder if the others challenged us quite this much! He is a mess, a little hurricane, so smart with a sparkle in his eyes and perpetual dirt on his face.

And.. .he is apparently allergic to pants.


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