the weekly roll {Fredericksburg Va newborn photographer}

When I began my photography business, many of those closest to me were confused. Yes, I love photography, but my first love is food. In fact, I love to cook and bake so much that I believe that doing so for a living would create so much unbalance in my life. When I am most stressed, I head to my kitchen for relief. As much as I adore my clients and my profession, even work that you love can be stressful, and it would be no different if I owned a restaurant or bakery or catering company and if I needed to escape cooking? Sigh. I would be crushed. It’s just my most favorite thing. So, I pursued my close-second love of portraiture to keep my first love as my refuge.

I love roasting chickens, but it always makes me realize how big of a family we have. It used to be that I could roast one and have shredded meat all week. Now I have to roast one to eat, one for dumplings (my cutie pie daughter shown below eating hers) and one for chicken pot pies. It looks like a slaughter house here on chicken day…ha!

As all moms know, though… it doesn’t matter how much of an excellent chef you are. Kids have no taste… :)! Henry’s stand by is greek yogurt with m and m’s. Little stinker!



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