Mr One-derful {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

For years I kept separate blogs: one for my business and one for my family. I always wrote on my family blog with my grandmother in mind, and when she passed away in 2014, I felt like I had run out of words. I started just posting slightly lengthier facebook statuses instead, as a way to collect and share my thoughts.

We just never know what social media will become. Will facebook stand the test of time? I am not sure. But I know that written word, posted and shared on a blog and then printed into a book, will. SO I just decided that I would share a little more personal posts here via my weekly roll of film because my business and my personal life are so closely connected. I love your babies. I love them because they are beautiful but mostly I love them because I have been so blessed to welcome so many new lives into my own home and I am always so excited for those first steps of your journey.

Baby E is our seventh precious love and he just turned ONE! If someone had told me years ago that I would have seven children, I would not have dared to wish they were correct. I had always assumed I would have a big family, but getting the children earth side proved harder than I imagined, and with the addition of each little one, I thanked God and told Him that it was okay if they were the “last,” even though I always wished for more.

Baby E has filled our home with so much joy. He is always smiling. He is the only one that looks like me. He is the calmest, but still has the temper that my children are known for. He loves to dance. He loves to clap his hands and cheer for anyone, anytime. He loves to be cheered for. He loves to sit in his chair and watch his family {shown: big brothers all gathered around taking his picture on his big birthday}. He loves his partner in crime, H, but he also loves to bite him when he gets too pushy. Man. These boys will keep me on my toes in these coming years, but what a blessing it is to chase them around!

People ask if E is the last biological baby and I always say that I don’t know. I think that he is. But if there are more waiting to come to our family, we would be so grateful for the task of being their mom and dad. I mean.. who could say “no” to a face like this?


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