Downsized studio {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I have been meaning to get these images captured for FOREVER. The last year with two babies, 15 months apart, has been complete insanity so all things “extra” get swept to the side. Now that the ginger haired toddler is a little older, I am finally able to breathe a little, though I already miss his littleness as I watch his chubby baby body turn into a lithe running machine like his favorite brother. Picture of the new and improved, “calm” Henry for reference. This is easier than before:


As most of my clients know my crazy family decided that seven kids was not nearly enough so we decided to begin the journey to adoption. It has been a crazy, winding road… kind of like those roads in Italy that have no guardrails and a cliff is on the other side… 😉 But that is a conversation for another day and I digress, per usual. A really crazy thing about adoption that I didn’t anticipate was the nesting… just like pregnancy. Last summer I caught a bad case of it and realized that we needed more space and decided to move my studio out from the space that I so loved and into a smaller room on the main floor of our home.

I had a small pang of heart ache when I moved the first thing out, but have been really pleased with how well it has worked out. My new mommies no longer have to manage the stairs, there is more natural light, the temperature is easier to regulate for baby… there are a million perks. It is the perfect little space for my teeny tiny clients. And when we are talking about the health, happiness, wellness of our future children, it was a small price.

I needed to update the website photos so finally got around to taking them, six months later.

I can’t wait to work with your little ones here soon!


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