That time I met Torrey Smith… {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I still can’t believe this is an actual story that I am telling. A couple of Fridays ago I was totally drowning in foster home study related stuff and was at a pediatrician appointment and got a text from who I thought was a friend of mine asking if I could squeeze NFL player Torrey Smith’s little one in the next day for a cake smash session. I replied kind of off-handed and continued with my kids’ appointments, and then wanted to crawl into a hole when I got to my car, listened to my voicemail and realized it was not my friend of the same name, and instead I had been WAY too familiar with someone looking to hire a photographer, like fo reals. 

I returned the call and left a voicemail, panicking that I had blown it.

And aside from the obvious… like “cool football, man”…there was SO much that I wanted to say to Torrey Smith.

I wanted to tell him that I am in love with his family fund. I wanted to tell him that the work that he does with youth is truly something of greatness. I wanted to tell him that the city of Baltimore is my heart and I am so happy that they have a found in him a hero, even if he’s now an Eagle. I wanted to tell him that when my son landed on him as someone he respects and admires, it was such a relief for me because I knew he had found someone who is such a great example.

My son, a major sports fan and a huge Torrey fan, begged me to please, please, PLEASE mention football. In fact, he coached me on being a fan-girl and begged me to pleaseeee not let him down by only talking about his work with youth. When they found out, they face-timed my son, who was completely speechless. As if that was not enough, they then invited him to come to skyzone with their family. My son will never, ever, ever forget the day that his sports hero became a personal hero, too. This momma won’t, either. When he told the story Monday morning, no one believed him… hahaha! Luckily, he had proof and this photo is now blown up and framed next to his bed. He still keeps saying “Next time we see the Smith family…” lol


I am dragging this out, so I will try to get to a point. If I had to make one point, it would be that their son is adorable and adored, so precious to mom and dad and big brother, too. He is such a loved birthday boy and I was so lucky we got to capture a few images to commemorate his big day! Luckily, this is my blog so I am allowed to make a couple more points, too so I will add that spending any time with the Smith family shows that behind these fellas, there is a woman that pours everything into her family and her community. Chanel Smith is a true MVP and I feel so honored to have spent some time with her. I am not sure that I have ever met someone so gracious, kind, loving and, obviously, beautiful. Major mom/wife/woman goals!


The Smith family has nine new fans in my family, and we will cheer them on, on and off the field. If you ever see them and wonder if they are really that wonderful, I can attest that they are…and more. Nicest. family. ever.

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