my girl {Fredericksburg va lifestyle photographer}

Last week was “a week…” you know the kind. The kind that there just are no words for, so you simply sigh and say “what a week.” I knew that the remedy was time spent with my family, and as the sun started to sink a little lower in the sky, I grabbed my sweet daughter for some one on one time in my favorite field.


This little one often reminds me of a poem by one of my favorites, Nikita Gill. She writes:

In all the stories my daughter shall hear,

it will not be princes that slay the dragons,

but little girls that believe in magic

with big, brave hearts and even bigger dreams.


She will learn to rely on her own sword

in every battle, in every struggle, in every war

because she will learn to devour every single monster from it’s core.


I often tell this little girl that she is the best medicine for a harsh world because she is the biggest heart wrapped in a package of beautiful blue eyes, adorable dimples and a sprinkling of freckles for good measure. She feels every single thing deeply and she processes every piece of her world in love. We share that, and I know that there will be times that feeling every thing so deeply will hurt. I pray that God sends her a little girl just like herself because she is balm on a momma’s soul.

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