A magical year {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I have sat on these for a few days trying to think of what to say. I really wanted to share that this little guy means so much to me, but when I try to explain “why”… it just still unearths feelings that still feeeeel, if you know what I mean. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about feelings when they are still in the feel stage, and not yet “felt”.

Then I decided that actually, I would tell you instead how much his momma means to me, but again… words just failed me because it’s hard to adequately describe someone who is so good in every cell of their being. I just love her on a spiritual level, which makes me sound like a hippie, but I kind of am so it’s okay. Every sentence I strung together made me sound like a stalker, and also like I just opened a thesaurus and chose “awesome.” “inspiring.” “authentic.” “beautiful.” and a million other adjectives. I could go on alllll day.

{I will add here that I met this little guy’s daddy for the first time this weekend, and he is exactly who I expected him to be. Magic. This crew is the trifecta of #goals.}

So instead, I will just say this: Our families began different journeys at different times without knowing each other. God, of course, knew the ending when we did not. When my heart was so aching and sore from knowing that my journey was not going to end where I had trusted it would, he sent me a reminder in this precious child that when it is time, it is time. He has no clock or calendar to adhere to. And a friendship where I can say that I wonder if God forgot His plans for me and she will say “ohhhh, girl. Suck it up, buttercup. The best is yet to come.” WHAT a gift they are.

This beautiful baby is the reminder of all that is right in a world that can sometimes feel like everything is wrong. Happy birthday, D. With all the love.


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  1. My beautiful God-sent friend, funny you say YOU sat on this for few days, because I have too. I have often wondered how adequately I would tell this little man how he is a gift from the heavens, that all those years of waiting, tears for motherhood that never came tp be, of all the heartache that tested my faith … were so worth waiting just to have him. He puts his chubby little hands on my arm as he gazes into my eyes in what feels like to assure me he was there that whole time, that he knows of the love that surrounds him.
    You recorded a monumental milestone in our family’s history in a way that i won’t need to say much. You told our story better that I ever could.
    “Thankful” for you.

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