New sessions, New pricing, New year! {Fredericksburg va newborn photographer}

I love December. It’s always chaotic, especially with such a large family and unpredictable work schedule (babies come when they wish!)but I always carve out some time to reflect on the previous year’s experiences and choose one thing to better for my client’s experiences the following year.

Something that I have learned in my seven years photographing little ones is that my clients all have different hopes for their sessions. Some really just want a handful of simple, fuss free, timeless images and don’t want to spend three hours getting them. Some want hair bows and hats and posing galore with a ton of variety to choose from. Most want somewhere in the middle. I usually am not aware of the differences until we are in session, and I realized that I needed to come up with a tiered session schedule that allowed me to best serve my moms and dads.

I have been asked for years about offering newborn minis, and honestly I just could not wrap my brain around what that would look like… I mean, newborns are unpredictable! I made part of my 2017 goal to figure out some prep instructions for parents to put in place ahead of their sessions to help ensure baby was sleepy and ready to get down to business. That has helped tremendously and has given me a more predictable canvas.

After lots of thinking and making notes and paying attention during my session, yesterday I posted a new session structure that I truly think will best serve everyone: my clients, my child care provider and also my family!

They have their own tab above on my website, but I will post them here, as well!

Pricing Guide
I so look forward to working with you all in the new year!

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