When I started my business I had five kiddos, one very entry-level DSLR and I travelled to people’s homes and stuffed babies in buckets in their living rooms, in front of their windows, hoping they had nice floors.
This adventure has taken me along a path that I truly couldn’t imagine. My family grew, my business grew, until the two seemed interchangeable. Every single one of the 800 babies that I have photographed have a piece of my heart. I am SO blessed to have my work be a part of your family story, and so blessed to have you be a part of mine.

During our hours together, we talk about a lot of things. Most clients know that my family is large and growing larger. When we were expecting our sixth sweet one, a total surprise blessing, I changed some of my business practices to reflect the change in experience,  dropping my session fee and eliminating product purchase requirements. I knew that I may have to pause a session to feed my baby. I knew that emails and phone calls would take a backseat to my new baby. My new pricing reflected that, and I added extra sessions to make up the difference, expecting it to be temporary. The God surprised us again with number seven… and then number eight via foster care. Keeping up with 12-16 newborns per month has been rewarding and challenging and humbling at times, too.

With a new little babe joining our family early next year, it has once again become time to examine this season in business and life, and I know that what is most important to me is only doing what I can do well, in both family life and artist life. My current business schedule will be unfair to my family when a baby girl with special needs comes home. Her life has been spent in an orphanage and we have a lot of time to make up for in snuggles and smiles, stories and songs.

I will be scaling my business way back so that I can continue to provide the level of talent and attention that I currently do to my beloved clients. I think it will be temporary, because I truly believe that almost everything in life is a season, but I know that at least all of 2019 will be on a new, lighter schedule. Like all things in business, the numbers have to add up, so my prices will be raising back to pre-2014 pricing to reflect the fewer sessions. I will be scheduling four sessions per month and each will include a two hour session, 25 images (plus black and whites) and a digital download. Session price will be $495 and for at least the first half of the year, all sessions will take place at 9:30 on Fridays here in my home studio.

It’s so strange to try to make business decisions for six months in the future, but that is the nature of working with expectant families! From now until Friday (7/27) I will be accepting retainers for 2019 sessions at current pricing, and allowing clients to choose their package. Because our adoption of little guy fell through in June, I will book a full fall schedule for both families and newborns. After Friday, all newborn and maternity sessions scheduled for 2019 will fall under the new pricing, so if you know that you will need my services next year, this is a great time to pre-book!

Thanks, guys, for being such a part of my family’s story. We can’t wait to show you the precious angel we get to call “daughter” in the new year!

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