Frequently asked



How did you begin your career as a newborn photographer? 

My grandfather passed his love of, and talent for, photography to me but I spent many years quieting the dreamer in me with the practical voice that just knew I needed to work in a field with more stability. When I was very young, the work of Anne Geddes caught my eye and heart and I declared that if I could do anything in this whole wide world, that photographing babies would be IT. It was my husband who encouraged me to go for it in 2010 and I have never looked back. The dreamer in me is very, very thankful.


How long have you owned your business? 

I opened in 2010, moved all operations to a home studio in 2011 and narrowed my focus to babies and expectant mothers only in 2013.


Where do sessions take place? 

All sessions are in my Fredericksburg, VA home studio.

I am now offering travel sessions, see “In home sessions” tab above!


How old should my baby be for their newborn session?

New babies are best photographed between six and ten days of life.


How long will my session last? 

Maternity sessions are approximately an hour, newborn sessions run from two to three hours.


What do I need to bring to my session?

Please try to keep baby awake an hour before your scheduled session time. Please bring baby with a full belly, dressed in something that buttons or zips (does not need to be lifted over head to remove) and with a blanket that smells like home. Please bring enough food for a few snacks as well as a pacifier.

I have spent the last several years collecting beautiful blankets, buckets, baskets, hats and headbands true to my style of portraiture. All you need to bring is baby and food and I will take care of the rest!


What happens after my session?

After your session I will carefully select the most beautiful images from your session and lovingly retouch them by hand. Minor/”normal” skin blemishes will be removed, any jaundice will be softened and they will be artistically enhanced for your viewing.

My sessions currently include all edited digital files, available as a download from my viewing website. Instructions will be included in the link that you receive with your gallery.


How long until I can view my images? 

Galleries are promised within 14 days of your session.


Can you come to my house at 3:00 am?

I get asked this most often 🙂 And no way, man… I have seven of my own!