Inside the Studio

I absolutely love my home studio. It is my favorite place to be. Working 13 steps away from my family is a dream come true and is truly the best of both worlds and I know how very fortunate I am, thanks to my wonderful clients, to be able to do so.

My heart is poured into my work and this space is a few square feet of warmth and love. I am so honored and thankful to create newborn and maternity magic in these four walls.

Some days are a little like a scavenger hunt for my clients… looking for a glimpse of a very naughty and adorable toddler, the sweet baby or the shaggy and loud labradoodle, the husband who may need advil after taking them all out during our session, or the elusive teens with their comings and goings. When you are here, you are family… and family is something we have a lot of! It is such an unbelievable blessing that my clients allow me to live both of my dreams: to create beautiful art and to be present for my large family.

Every surface is sanitized between every client, all shooting areas are thoroughly heated for my littlest clientele, and my family does not venture into my studio, especially important during cold and flu season. This space is exclusive to my business and that it is all that it is used for. It’s my little slice of dreams come true… welcome inside!

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