Meet the Photographer

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Stephanie McFarland has been photographing the area’s bellies and babies exclusively for seven years. Her work has been awarded numerous honors and is proudly displayed in the area’s premiere obstetrician’s offices, Generations of Women OB/GYN and Advanced Care for Women. She works in both film and digital mediums, developing film portraits for her clients in her home darkroom, just as her grandfather taught her thirty years ago. In her years of business she has captured over 600 newborns and preserved their very first yawns, smiles, curls, lips, fingers and toes. She is a proud member of the PPA (Professional Photographer’s Association) as well as a volunteer photographer for NILMDTS (now I lay me down to sleep), providing bereavement photography for families experiencing infant loss.

edited mom pic

Stephanie is a mother of seven children (yes, seven!) and her family is in the process of growing their family through Ethiopian adoption. She knows too well how quickly babies grow and takes great pride in creating beautiful art from these most precious days.


Stephanie’s studio is located in her home, which is true to her personality and style of photography. When you arrive, you are a client, but when you leave you are family.

So bring a book, get comfortable, have a cup of tea during your session. We are so glad that you are here! Welcome to the Stephanie McFarland Photography family!


Member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

Recipient of VPPA’s award for best portrait of a child, 2014 for my entry entitled “Little Dreamer”

Recipient of VPPA’s 2014 “judge’s choice award”

Recipient of VPPA’s 2013 Randy Searle Award


Proud affiliate photographer for NILMDTS, providing bereavement photography to families in Fredericksburg



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